Hone your thinking

pluralthinking exists to change people’s relationship with brands for the better.

We inspire, illuminate and warn so that brands can communicate, position and innovate more effectively.

Specialists in international qualitative research and brand consultancy, we work all over the world all the time. Since we began in 2013, we have led projects in over 30 countries; 17 in the last 6 months alone.

Value #1


Fresh perspectives from highly-experienced multi-disciplinary teams, curated for your project.

Value #2


An award-winning ability to bring insights and ideas to life.

Value #3


We’ve been described as ‘refreshingly opinionated’. That means we’ll tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear

What We Offer

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Brand Stretch
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“Heineken Russia engaged with pluralthinking to support in the planning and consumer research phase of a targeted campaign focusing on premium consumers for the Heineken brand Moscow. From the start their innovative style, characterized by fresh thinking and new methodologies made a real difference to the project. This was all underpinned by good old-fashioned attention to detail and an ability to simply get it done. This insatiable curiosity delivered unparalleled consumer understanding, allowing us to build a truly unique campaign for our business.”

Jonnie Cahill. Marketing Director, Heineken Russia
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“The enjoyable thing about working with pluralthinking is that they integrate very quickly with the Brand and Creative teams. From our very first Ignition Session, the guys at pluralthinking were already contributing their own hypotheses and ideas, which made for a great ‘non-research-y” meeting from which  they distilled the key elements to explore, and came up with an effective programme to test all these concepts – it certainly wasn’t a “classic” briefing session! Further, in delivering the findings, they weren’t afraid to challenge some of our ‘sacred cows’…. We had the creatives from our communications agencies actually asking to attend the feedback session, which was kind of a first for me!’

Peter Preston-Gregory, Director Global Brand and Business Insights, Brown-Forman Beverages
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“Pluralthinking is one of the most competent research companies Mensch has ever worked with. They understand the real purpose for testing communications. They help the client and agency to link all the positive reactions with the initial communication strategy. And all negative reactions from the test are given with relevant suggestions on how to improve. They also understand the social and psychological behaviour in various target groups and so their perspective is of great value to us. We used pluralthinking on a large European project – and we will certainly use them again”.

Bjørn Stene, CEO Mensch
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“Pluralthinking have an unrivalled ability to get to the strategic heart of the matter and convey powerful insights clearly and incisively. They are an important, highly valued, long-standing strategic thought partner of our branded business.”

Fiona West Marketing Director, Brown-Forman Beverages