Core Collective

pluralthinking is a unique collective of senior international brand-builders, researchers, innovators and cultural spies.

We curate your team carefully to bring in multiple perspectives and expertise.

No fixed teams, expensive premises, homogeneous disciplines: Just sparky, well-curated grown-ups dedicating time to your brand.

Refreshing? We think so.

Projects are led and managed by an experienced in-house team based in the UK. We collaborate with best-in-class agency partners around the world.

Founded in 2013 by principals with 18+ years of experience in international qualitative, advertising planning and brand consultancy, we have won awards and glowing testimonials for our work.

Brett Templeton

Managing Partner

Brett Templeton

Brand positioning wizard, communications specialist &  Founder.

Brett has advised some of the World’s most iconic brands, run agencies in London and New York, led client work in over 40 countries and still loves every minute of it. He collects contemporary art and plays terrible 80s dance music in the office.

João Moreira

Project Manager

João Moreira

Project planning guru, multi-lingual ever-cheerful doer.

João makes our projects happen, coordinating our pluralthinkers and partners with the skill of an air traffic controller. He’s also a digital native and can even make Powerpoint fun to read.  This is a good thing.

Pamela Green

International Qualitative Consultant

Pamela Green

Global qual expert, ex Hong-Kong and Vietnam resident, global thinker & cat-lover.

When she’s not running brand positioning workshops, unpicking drink-driving in Vietnam or creating positioning ideas for petrol stations in Turkey, Pamela likes to hang out in a water mill and rescue cats. The cats are very grateful.

Garret Cummings


Garret Cummings

Planner, ethnographer, anthropologist & Venn-diagram lover.

Garret loves what he calls ‘participant observation’. The rest of us call it nosiness. He loves nothing more than lurking in dark corners of bars and behind shelves in supermarkets. He’s worked as a Planning Director in London, Barcelona and Los Angeles, so knows more than a bit about ‘ads and stuff’.

The pluralthinkers

The pluralthinkers are the folks who force our thinking further and our ideas higher.

Many pluralthinkers are renowned international qualitative researchers with country, regional, language and category specialisms.

Our network includes workshop facilitators, ethnographers, brand consultants, planners, innovators, semioticians, documentary film makers and editors, product and concept illustrators and more…

Be a pluralthinker!

If you have a unique talent or set of experiences that would help our client’s brands to succeed, get in touch at

Pluralthinking in Action

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A wide range of collaborators from around the world: Agency partners, Ethnographers, Behavioural Economists, Semioticians, Film-makers and editors, Senior ex client-side consultants, Leading edge commentators and thinkers.